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My Recommendations for Great (Yet Simple) Video Podcasting Gear

I've been asked more times than I can count what gear you need to get started with a video podcast.

To make it easier for everybody else, I've created two lists. One for those that want good quality video/audio production at a lower price (this is the package my company Rveal Media offers to our customers).

The second list is for those that want phenomenal video/audio at a decent price (this is the package I use personally).

I've included pricing, but please note that the prices could have changed since I made this blog post.

And before we talk about gear, let's talk recording software - you'll need this regardless of whatever equipment package you purchase.

My pick for the best remote recordings? Riverside.FM.

It costs about as much as a Zoom subscription, but it guarantees the best quality video and audio for your recording and for your featured guest's recording.

It's about $25/mo. Totally worth subscribing to if you want to get the best quality remote production possible.

Now, to the equipment. We'll start with the simpler package.

Blue Yeti Microphone - $100

Logitech Brio - 4K Webcam - $160

LumeCube - Office Lights - $100

USB Multi-port Adapter - $10

Total: $370


  • Less expensive

  • Easy to set up

  • Easy to travel with


  • Lower production quality

Now, for my personal setup.

4K CamLink - $110

Sony A73 - $2,000

50mm lens - $250

Micro HDMI to HDMI cable - $10

LED Lighting with diffuser boxes - $280

Rode Podmic - $100

Rodecaster - $600

Gatorworks microphone arm - $130

Total: $3,480


  • Higher production quality

  • Great for permanent podcast set up in your office

  • Ideal for multiple hosts/guests in person


  • Higher price

  • Slight learning curve

  • Harder to travel with

Happy creating,


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